The BCC is the parent organisation for the majority of the UK’s local Chambers, with 53 accredited Chambers of Commerce as members, representing over 104,000 businesses who between them employ over 5m people.

As such they are a powerful lobbying group in Westminster, whose policies are listened to in very high places. They also play a key role in Britain’s export and import trade. Their size means that they are influential in business and able to negotiate considerable discounts for members.

We have worked for them since 2010, redesigning and building their website, supporting their digital comms and developing their printed materials. They need to retain their position of influence, against pressure from competitors like the CBI and FSB, so it is very important to them that everything they produce represents their brand values in a professional way.

BCC website and cover

"The Marcom team dedicated time, attention and creativity to understanding our complex needs - and the results speak for themselves. We're very pleased with the look, feel and functionality of our new site."
Dr Adam Marshall, Director General, British Chambers of Commerce

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We have worked for a huge range of start-ups, SMEs and global PLCs, since 1990.

Whatever their size, they all benefit from the skills and experience that we have developed in these markets, as well as great customer support, the latest techniques and a passion to help them drive their business forward.