When is the worst time to publish your social media?

08 Jun, 2017
By Mark Baines


2017 is the year of Brexit and Trump: the year when all our Opinion Polls and expert advisers were overturned in a rush of base emotions and gullibility.

One of the things to come out of these fiascos is the realisation that there is no such thing as a ‘worst’ time to post items on social media.

The stats suggested that 2.00am was the worst time to tweet, but if you’re Trump or Farrage it’s the best time, as your tweets get picked up by news-hungry hacks, who repeat them at breakfast time without checking the facts.

It then takes the fact-based opposition several days to work out the truth, or more likely the falsehood of the post, by which time the point has been scored and the argument has moved on, so no-one’s interested anyway.

It’s a bit different for us in business – or is it?

We can look at the stats and draw certain conclusions, however in the areas of professional services, technology and marketing, where individual sales values can be very high, we’re not necessarily interested in numbers; rather the key factor is quality.

I’ve been told that the best time to reach CEOs is on Saturday morning; or engineers after 10.00pm, or accountants after midnight!

In other words, ignore the rules and go for the big fish, by posting at the times you know they are working – the worst time is the time when the stats tell you to do it!


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