The impact of ‘Live Chat’ on your brand

Oct 17, 2019 by Mark Baines Category: Brand Design 0 comments

25% of all businesses have live chat on their websites. That’s massive.

It’s not just about ensuring more sales. It’s about your brand too: having live chat, even if only during ‘business hours’, shows that you care about your customers.

In fact, 52% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a company if they have live chat.

It’s clearly a confidence raiser if you’re a service company also. 41% of consumers prefer talking to customer support via live chat as opposed to other methods. It’s the way to get the most customers engaged (ie anyone under 60!), no matter what your business.

It’s perfect for professional services who want to pick up visitors who are just researching their options.

The companies that use it are small – they don’t have to be large: 74% of companies with live chat have fewer than 10 employees. All you have to do is state your hours of business, assign someone to manage it (or you can share it out), and you’re up and running – and winning against the dinosaurs in your market who are too slow or too conservative to adopt the technology!

It’s not difficult to install on most platforms – please do let me know if you are interested.

GoSquared have done a great blog about it – only a 5 minute read:

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