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Oct 28, 2015 by Mark Baines Category: Business

This book is a ground-breaker, as it blows away the myths of strategy and planning, and gives you a practical approach which will help you guide your company to success.

We’ve been lucky enough to book him, on a trip over to London from his native Australia, to address us at the Levitt Group on November 12th. . If you want to attend, but don’t want to join the CIM, please contact me, as we encourage people to bring guests – I’m on the committee and as a reader of my blog I’m sure I could get you in!

Here is the blurb the publishers have put out. Read it and attend the talk – it promises to change the way you do things!

‘The Seven Inconvenient Truths of Business Strategy’
Author: Paul Hunter

The most damning charge frequently levelled at strategic planning is that of irrelevance. Paul Hunter’s The Seven Inconvenient Truths of Business Strategy is an antidote to conventional methods of strategic management that are renowned for being sporadic, biased, poorly articulated and rarely implemented with total success.

Drawing on a framework that encapsulates a collection of definitive principles, the author offers a structure to strategy, as a system, and in a format that is representative of a literal reinvention of strategic planning overall; an indicator and explanation of the strategic tools that you already know, but in a more comprehensive format. Paul also provides insights into the collaborative techniques for carrying out the process successfully: formation, evaluation, alignment and implementation.

Other topics covered include governance, communication, leadership, learning, teamwork, transformation and the treatment of strategic risk; at the level of a profession. An extended case study, based on the story of Cadbury, the chocolate maker, is woven through the chapters to provide a vibrant illustration of the value and application of the various techniques and processes described.

Organisations of all kinds have never needed strategic planning quite as much as they need it today in an environment of increasing complexity, uncertainty and continual change. The Seven Inconvenient Truths of Business Strategy will help you ensure that your strategic process is always effective, visible, professional, relevant and timely.

Contents: Introduction: from corporate planners to professional strategy practitioners; Relevance lost: strategic planning and a lack of certainty – a loss of value; Relevance regained: reinventing strategic planning – a programme of continual strategy renewal; Strategy and a new perspective on ‘fit’: directing desire, accommodating fate, and a catalyst for transformation and renewal; Strategy in teams: empowering teams as business leaders and enablers of continual renewal; Obtaining the results you deserve: strategy implementation in a learning organisation; Sharing the vision: creating a natural law of attraction; Strategy as a profession: practitioners working together, getting results; Appendices; Bibliography; Index.

About the Author: Paul Hunter is Chief Executive of the Strategic Management Institute, a research and education organisation committed to the collection and dissemination of knowledge in strategy. Under his guidance, the SMI delivers a Certified Strategy Practitioner (CSP) accreditation program. The SMI was established by Paul five years ago as an integral component of an independent consulting firm of which he was co-founder. He has presented at numerous conferences and seminars including the SMS and authored or co-authored articles appearing in publications that include a chapter in a recently published book on the topic of corporate universities. Paul Hunter holds a Doctor of Business Administration and is a past partner of PwC. He developed the methodology supporting the Practice of Strategy described in this book, an area in which he now teaches and consults.


‘We know a lot about effective strategies, but little about effective strategising. This is where Paul Hunter’s hands-on approach to the art of making strategy is a great leap forward. Finally a book that helps practitioners “reinvent strategic planning” to make it work in the 21st century.’

Ron Meyer, Tilburg University, The Netherlands and Managing Director, Centre for Strategy & Leadership, The Netherlands

‘Having had many roles in and around strategy execution for many clients, as well as the reality of leading strategy development for our own organisation, I can attest to the shortcomings as described in Paul’s book. His very useful advice for how to make the process far more effective, including tackling dominant logic and traditional thinking, will be hugely valuable to anyone involved in the creation of strategy, which in today’s world, is most people.’

Sammy Kumar, Executive Board Member and Managing Partner, Enterprise and Strategy & Transformation PwC, Australia

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