Hurrah for Bath!

Oct 23, 2014 by Mark Baines Category: Business 0 comments

Creativity and technology in Bath: Marcom votes with its feet.

We’ve finally moved our focus to Bath and the West, after 24 years of trading mainly out of London.

As a respected player in the London and national scene, with offices in Central London, we’ve also been a leading light in the marketing communications industry in Bath.

Time was when you needed to be in London’s West End to be taken seriously as a brand in the marketing industry.

But those days are now past and we no longer need our office in Leicester Square. Digital communications have become so sophisticated that it is not necessary to have a physical presence there; and the City of Bath is now so highly respected as a creative and technology centre of excellence that we have no problem in establishing our credentials to London companies.

London is no longer seen as the essential element for a brand in the creative sector. Marketers are now better trained, more confident and open minded, so our London and national clients are happy to do business with a Bath agency (they tell us!).

This has only been possible in the last few years, and has been helped by the greater success Bath has enjoyed in promoting itself, with its creative, technology, tourism, education and cultural status. Not many cities outside London have such a strong reputation for quality as Bath.

So hurrah for Bath – and less commuting!!!

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