Resilience is the key to individual success in business

Aug 01, 2019 by Mark Baines Category: Business 0 comments

What are the rules of long-term professional success?

Karsten Drath thinks he has the answer – he’s a well-known leadership coach with many household names under his belt. So if anyone’s going to know, it’s him!

He spoke to us at the Levitt Group recently, at length, drawing on his latest book ‘The Rules of Success’.

The international study on which this book is based suggests that a definition of success is, above all, one thing: the quest for a combination of happiness and satisfaction, coupled with economic independence.

However, the data also suggest that the definition of success varies significantly from person to person – it depends on which level of management you are in, what your income is, background and education. It also looks different from the outside than from the inside: it seems like success is not an objective quality, but at least partly it results from a process of comparison with a peer group – which means in turn that the selection of your peer group is crucial for your perceived level of success in life.

I’m sure that, in fact, certain success factors do exist and that they are fewer in number than one might think.

But above all, if we look thoroughly at the lives of truly successful people, it soon becomes apparent that success primarily has to do with overcoming setbacks, failure and crisis. This ability to effectively process adversity is also known as resilience – an equation between how low you can get and how bad the effects of it are.

Because of its criticality for success this concept was discussed in greater depth using the FiRE model (Factors improving Resilience Effectiveness) as a structure. This concept has been developed over many years of research. It differs from existing models due to its holistic approach including analysing different disciplines of science such as biology, medicine, brain research, epigenetics, sociology, psycho-neuro-immunology etc. In a nutshell: what wires together, fires together.

I recommend his book to you. If you take your personal success seriously it should have a place on your bedside table for those nights when you lie awake at 2AM worrying about where your life is going.

Oh – that and the Bible, of course!

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