Are you doing traditional or digital marketing?

Aug 23, 2018 by Mark Baines Category: Marketing

A lot of the old school are really worried when they hear the phrase ‘digital marketing’ being thrown about.

They’re not digital natives and they just don’t get it!

To make them feel worse, now ‘digital marketing’ is being hailed as replacing ‘traditional marketing’.

However, anyone who says this simply doesn’t understand marketing. They’re really talking about comms – marketing communications – which makes up just two of the four ‘Ps’: to these ‘P’s (Promotions and Place) should be added Product and Price.

In fact, current thinking gives us seven ‘Ps’: the original four, plus People, Process and Physical Evidence – these are especially useful in the service sector. There are also several other models which help explain the science and art of marketing.

Marketing communications is just that: the communications of all the other elements that go into marketing.

So don’t worry, old schoolers! Next time you hear someone talking about ‘digital marketing’ as if it’s all there is to marketing, just remind them that they’re really only talking about comms and one route to market. If they want to get their marketing right, they’ve got to work a lot harder than that!

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