How increasing Speed and Performance improves your SEO

Apr 24, 2020 by Mark Baines Category: Digital, Marketing, SEO, Webinar

SEO your site using Speed and Performance

The technical performance of your website is of vital importance to your ranking on Google’s results pages. 

If your page load speed is slow you risk slipping down the results pages, as this is one of Google’s direct ranking factors. 

Yet this is an area where many developers fall short of their remit – it can seem like it’s just too much work on top of the effort of physically building the website. 

So how do you measure it? What do you need to be aware of? What should you look out for? How do you assess where any problems lie? How do you put them right, and know when you’ve done it successfully? 

We answered all these questions and more in our Webinar on Thursday 23rd April at 15.00. Please do listen and enjoy it – you’ll learn how increasing your website speed and performance improves your SEO, so you improve your position on the search results pages. 

You’ll also pick up lots of methods and tips of how to achieve it, so you’ll be able to do it yourself or manage others who are doing it for you.

Listen to our Webinar

In our Webinar we talk about the way we – the professionals – do it. We give tips and hacks, discussing ‘cluster’ keywords, ‘pillar’ pages, latent semantic indexing and internal linking.

We also look at some of the tools that are available online, and discuss tips for your keywords strategy which will help you achieve the highest ranking for your content and website.

Please listen to the recording below, and a PDF version of our presentation – SEO benefits of speed and performance; available for you to download.

Resource available for download:

SEO benefits of speed and performance

Webinar by Marcom: 9th April 2020

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