Marketing Nirvana

Dec 09, 2015 by Mark Baines Category: Marketing 0 comments

4 simple checks to ensure you are getting the best ROI.

So you’ve got it all worked out: you’ve got a website you’re happy with – it looks great, everything’s in the right place for an optimum UX and the messages have been carefully considered. It’s doing well on the SERPs, you’ve got an active PR and social media engagement campaign, all the brochures and leaflets you need, a busy schedule of exhibitions and events, and on and offline advertising campaigns which are creative and responsive.

Relax. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that it’s a moving target. This kind of marketing nirvana is a dream cooked up in the minds of CFOs and Chief Execs when they tell you how easy your job now is!

So once you’ve got your marketing strategy successfully launched, here’s how to make sure you reach your targets:

Monitor the market:

It changes, all the time. Ever heard of Porter’s Five Forces? Google it, and be afraid! What was true yesterday won’t be true tomorrow.

Monitor the competition:

Because they’ll be watching you. They’ll be undermining your good work by doing it better. Just when you thought it was safe to relax, up pops a competitor with a new proposition!

Check your messages:

Test, test and test again. You’ll be amazed at what the market wants to hear from you. And never depend on your salesforce for your key messages – they spend the whole of their career being rejected for being too expensive – at least, that’s what they’re told!

Check your UX:

Interrogate your stats, ask the market, A/B test etc etc. And when you’ve done it once, do it again, because it will have all changed.

Or employ an agency like Marcom, who’ll do it all for you. Then you can relax. All you’ll have to do is explain away the fee that they’ll charge you.

It’s such good value, you’ll really think you’ve reached marketing nirvana!

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