SEO and brand approval

Apr 10, 2020 by Mark Baines Category: Digital, Marketing, SEO, Webinar

Brand approval comes in many forms online. Boosting your digital marketing with SEO and backlinks will help.

Harnessing the power of backlinks for better brand equity.

Backlinks are one of the three main pillars of SEO, but are probably the least understood – and certainly the most likely to be under-resourced. 

Yet backlinks can achieve so much for your position on the search results pages. If handled properly they are an easy win – an inexpensive way to climb to the top; if ignored you will always be struggling. 

Backlinks are links back to your website from other websites. Simples!

However, in practice it’s a bit more complicated than that. Google rates your website according to the authority of the websites you have backlinks from. The higher the approval rating (‘authority’) of the linking website, the more valuable the backlink isso then the more authority you gain as a website, and the more you climb up Google’s search results pages. 

SEO and approval flow chart

The more ‘high value’ backlinks you have, the higher google will position you.

Your brand equity increases along with the authority of linking websites. Google judges you by the company you keep, so the more high value websites feature or visit your material, the more google rewards you by moving you up the search results pages. 

 Therefore the better the content you put online, through blogs, articles, social media and other website content, the better you’ll perform on the results pages. 

There’s a ‘virtuous circle’ at play, where high value content on your site leads to content approval from authoritative sources, who therefore link back to you; google recognises  these through scrutinizing your backlinks, rewarding your high value backlinks with a higher ranking on their search results pages, which increases your authority – and so the cycle is repeated.

If you give backlinks the attention they deserve, you will rapidly climb up the Search pages.  

Ignore them, and you’ll be left behind. 

Please find below a recording of our recent webinar – SEO & brand approval; and also the PDF version of our presentation, available for you to download.

Resource available for download:

SEO & brand approval

Webinar by Marcom: 9th April 2020

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