Oct 12, 2020 Category: digital & online

Website design that finds the right balance. Eunomia Research & Consulting is an independent environmental consultancy dedicated to helping clients ‘achieve better environmental and commercial outcomes’.

An established name and brand in their sector, they work across disciplines ranging from detailed logistical and economic options appraisals to high level strategy and policy development. With a focus on waste, recycling and green energy, the company is rapidly growing and taking on new business areas. The company’s clients include local and national government, the European Commission, and a range of private sector companies.

As independent consultants, Eunomia’s responsibility is to advise clients where there best interests lie – even when the advice may not be what the client wants to hear. However, the company aims to promote the best environmental outcomes and takes the view that, through creative thinking green solutions can often be found that are also commercially pragmatic.

We have now produced several iterations and software tools, but initially our job was just to refresh elements of their branding and develop a new corporate website. The website needed to reflect the company’s distinctive blend of pragmatic solutions to reaching idealistic goals. The company also wanted to give greater prominence to its staff, who are its key selling point, and to make it easy for readers to access its publicly available reports.

So the look is modern and fresh, with clear and simple navigation displaying or leading to large amounts of regularly updated content. Individual consultants are highlighted, and are photographed in a style that draws them close to the viewer in a personal way, while highlighting a look of professionalism and gravitas.

The site also contains ecommerce and a smart ‘Carbon Index Tool’, and provides a central hub for the company’s digital marketing activities. We have also redeveloped and support their separate blog,

Eunomia website design by Marcom, Bath

“It’s creative yet simple, informative yet user-friendly. Marcom professionally and effectively managed the whole process from start to finish, giving us the space to feed in our ideas and make sure that the end product was exactly what we wanted.”

Peter Jones, Senior Consultant and Project Lead, Eunomia Research and Consulting Ltd