Stone King

Oct 16, 2018 Category: digital & online, print & display

Stone King LLP are independently recognised by The Lawyer as a Top 200 UK law firm with 4 offices.

Over the years they have built a reputation for excellence amongst both private and commercial clients, whilst their strategic focus has made them national leaders in the charity and education sectors.

We developed their brand and collateral, redesigning their marketing communications materials targeting two of the core markets they serve – private and charity clients. The objective behind these projects was to make the communication materials work harder for them and express their brand and client value propositions appropriately. This work has included brochure designs, email campaigns, newsletters and mailings.
Stone King LLP marketing communications materials by Mar-Com, Bath

“A pleasure to work with! Highly creative and completely professional, Marcom have the skills, expertise and experience to look after the lot.”

Nick Birkett, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Stone King LLP