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The Milexia Group is one of the leading European suppliers and value-added distributor of high-tech electronic components, systems and scientific instruments.

Headquartered in France, it has offices and warehouses in France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany, and technical centres in France and in the UK, which offer customised solutions, installation, training and maintenance for the defence, space, transportation, satcom, scientific instrumentation and other civil industries.

We consulted on and helped formulate their marketing and communications strategy. As a major part of this we redesigned their brand and website, building it in five different languages. It’s a comprehensive global website covering many different services, products and industries from multiple manufacturing Partners, with whom all countries have different relationships. The scale of the project and scope of the website presented us with the challenge of optimising it for search engine performance whilst also ensuring a good UX and persuasive content for visiting customers and Partners.

We continue to work with Milexia on their inbound marketing campaign and many aspects of their marketing communications.

Milexia logo
Milexia brochure

"The Marcom team demonstrated a high level of understanding of our needs and created a practical and effective strategy and website. They provide campaign implementation and guidance, working collaboratively with the Milexia team to communicate our competitive advantage to a global audience across all channels."

Virginie Laurent, Sales & Marketing Director, Milexia Group


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Our clients Nanopharm planned to run a Conference in San Francisco for their industry but lacked the resources to put it together. They had a booking at a suitable venue, and asked us to manage all aspects of the invitations, publicity and presentation.

We therefore came up with a logo and a style for the Conference which ran as a theme throughout the event.

We created a website which we wrote, designed and optimised for key Search terms, then supported through an email campaign and online advertising to target groups using social media.

We also helped liaise with the speakers and produced the event programme, along with the badges, lanyards and display graphics, and supported Nanopharm team members in their work to ensure everything was prepared and ready for them.

The Conference was a huge success and exceeded Nanopharm’s expectations, and is now a regular event in their calendar.

"I want to congratulate you on helping us put together a wonderful package and marketing piece for InspireMe. It has been executed brilliantly and I am grateful for your support. You collaborated excellently with my own team to help bring this together."

Dr Jag Shur, CEO, Nanopharm Ltd

Nicholas Pearson Associates

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‘NPA are an independent, award-winning, multidisciplinary consultancy with complementary expertise in Environmental Assessment, Landscape Architecture, Ecology and Visualisation.’

It was important that all employees were involved, because the website reflects their vision and values, and so many of them are involved in the new business process.


  1. Mission, Vision and Values analysis
  2. Search Term analysis
  3. Website scoping
  4. Design, build and launch
  5. Ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

1. Mission, Vision and Values: we ran workshops with all the employees to establish their MVV and to ensure that the new website would be aligned with these. We felt this was an important part of the process, because they are highly qualified specialists who ought to be consulted, to have their say in the messages and what it says about them. This way what they communicate to clients (current and prospective) would be congruent with what we produced, and they would have a deeper understanding of, and respect for, the company with whom they have chosen to make their career.

2. Search Term Analysis: we spent time considering these, both from NPA’s perspective and from their clients and prospects, arriving at an understanding of how the website should be structured to meet the wide range of Searches and visitor requirements.

3. Website scoping: we spent time discussing the website, considering the User Experience (UX) and Journey, in order to arrive at a comprehensive site which was optimised to meet everyone’s requirements.

4. Design, build and launch: the website design was carefully created and tested to give visitors the best experience of NPA’s areas of expertise and business. It was built on WordPress using code that google would find easy to search and rank on the Results pages – a key part of SEO. The copy was written by the client following our guidelines and direction, and they supplied the photography too.

5. SEO: we drew up a campaign plan targeted at key Search Terms. To manage this we set up a programme of SEO activities which NPA create and implement themselves, under our guidance and direction.

The new NPA website was launched in March and, although it is too early at the time of writing to compare visitor statistics against those of the previous site, it looks as if it will perform well in Search and has delighted everyone involved.

Marcom designed website for Nicholas Pearson Associates website viewed on laptop

"Marcom understood our requirement to create an up-to-date proactive marketing tool, as well as the importance of ensuring all employees were on board with the new strategy and website. They worked closely with us throughout the process and I’m delighted with our new website. I look forward to developing the SEO of the site with Marcom and increasing our enquiries and conversions."

Simon Kale, Managing Director

Media Trust

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The Media Trust works in the third sector. They believe in the power of media to change lives, so they work with the media industry to empower charities and communities to have a voice and be heard.

Practically this means they broadcast a TV channel, run media training courses, make available a film production unit and disseminate press releases on behalf of communities and charities. They also run a host of other initiatives, providing professional media support and resources where needed.

We’ve worked for them since 2008, establishing and developing their brand through integrated design, imagery and copy, on and offline for a huge number of publications and brochures, catering for a wide range of stakeholders.

Mar-Com have worked with developing their brand through integrated design, imagery and copy on publications and brochures

"We launched the NPC Digital Skills Report this week. It is looking fabulous and getting a lot of interest. Our CEO, Su-Mei Thompson, included it in her blog this week too. A huge thanks for producing such a fantastic design – we love working with you and the team!"

Jenny Walton, Director of Charity Services, Media Trust


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What’s in a name? A lot, if you’re trying to get your market to understand your product and buy its benefits!

Jisc are a not-for-profit organisation working in the UK education sector, providing digital services and solutions for universities and colleges.

They run a range of projects around different aspects of IT and digital infrastructure requirements, as a result of which they launch a large number of products and services into the marketplace.

These projects and their many resulting products/services all need names - names which help the market’s understanding of what they do and their benefits.

We were asked to rename their existing large portfolio and supply a selection of names for future use. However, rather than just producing a random list of names and then applying them, we came up with a model which enables Jisc stakeholders to run their own workshops, choosing their own names along pre-agreed guidelines and fulfilling marketing criteria.

All Jisc projects now kick off with a naming workshop, using the model. All new Jisc products and services are similarly named. This results in stronger individual brands and a much enhanced Jisc brand in their marketplace.

Jisc web design by Marcom, Bath

"Marcom created two naming models for our products and services which ensure that everyone is heard - so there is complete stakeholder buy-in. This enables us to market them as brands to our target markets, with great effect."

Damian Vicary, Marketing Production Manager, Jisc

Siemens Rail Automation

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Siemens is one of the largest engineering companies in the world. Employing nearly 500,000 people, there are not many engineering and technologies in which Siemens does not have an interest.

Marcom have undertaken a wide range of design projects for them, following their complex corporate guidelines. These include internal and corporate work, for H&S, HR, Recruitment and Training, and our work has included digital, print and construction elements.

For marketing communications we have produced many advertising campaigns and reports, for both online and offline use. and frequently advised on strategy.

Siemens digital, print and construction elements, advertising campaigns and reports

"Marcom are able to support me with a wide range of services, turning work round reliably and fast."

Susannah Minshall, HR Business Partner – Delivery and Technology, Siemens SRA