Stone King

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Stone King LLP are independently recognised by The Lawyer as a Top 200 UK law firm with 4 offices.

Over the years they have built a reputation for excellence amongst both private and commercial clients, whilst their strategic focus has made them national leaders in the charity and education sectors.

We developed their brand and collateral, redesigning their marketing communications materials targeting two of the core markets they serve - private and charity clients. The objective behind these projects was to make the communication materials work harder for them and express their brand and client value propositions appropriately. This work has included brochure designs, email campaigns, newsletters and mailings.
Stone King LLP marketing communications materials by Mar-Com, Bath

"A pleasure to work with! Highly creative and completely professional, Marcom have the skills, expertise and experience to look after the lot."

Nick Birkett, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Stone King LLP

Alcoa Howmet

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A Division of Alcoa Power and Propulsion, Alcoa Howmet is a world leader in the investment casting of superalloys, aluminum and titanium.

Primarily for jet aircraft engines and airframes as well as industrial gas turbine engine components, they also provide hot isostatic pressing, precision machining and protective coating services.

We work on their internal communications, and have, for example, designed and introduced a ‘Suggestions Scheme’ and a way of getting more engagement in their employee ‘Reward and Recognition Scheme’.

This is part of a larger strategy to build employee enthusiasm and loyalty, linked to their recruitment requirements (they are large employers) and their sales growth strategy, which is largely relationship-based: happy employees make good sales people!

Alcoa Howmet internal communications by Mar-Com, Bath

""Marcom came up with some great creative ideas, and then managed the whole process from start to finish.""

Cindy Penney, Human Resources Manager, Alcoa

Invensys plc

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With diverse interests, including rail technology, electronic controls, software and automation, Invensys Group employed nearly 19,000 people globally.

We helped them with their corporate and internal communications over a number of years. We built many complex websites and apps, produced a wide range of digital, video, display and printed communications and magazines, as well as supporting them with advice and support.

Invensys Group corporate and internal communications by Marcom, Bath

"Marcom were able to interpret the complex requirements for our Academy portal, and produce a highly creative and valuable solution in a collaborative way"

Steve Hurst, Director, Learning & Development, Invensys Group

Invensys Rail

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Invensys Rail offer a range of automation solutions for the rail industry, both underground and over. With a history stretching back over a hundred years, and offices around the world, they are market leaders in many of their product areas.

We started working for them in 2004, when they were still known as Westinghouse Rail Systems. We advised on their marcoms strategy, setting their positioning and messages, redesigning their websites and brochures, their advertising and employee communications, their exhibitions, events and their other comms material.

This has continued, covering the name change to Invensys Rail and now Siemens Rail Automation, and we extended our remit to Group level – especially in the fields of corporate and internal communications.

Invensys Rail website design by Marcom, Bath

"They are the people that both myself and my colleagues turn to for ideas..."

Andrew Parsonage, Internal Communications Manager, Invensys Rail Systems

Shaw Trust

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Shaw Trust believes that everyone has the right to employment, inclusion and independence.

In practical terms this translates into providing training and help getting people with challenges into employment, and supporting them when they’re there. The Shaw Trust are funded by a number of government bodies and Local Authorities, as well as running a large chain of retail outlets and a number of professional fundraisers.

We helped them develop a focused communications strategy for their wide range of stakeholders, including the creation of on and offline tools which clearly highlight benefits while communicating features and brand values.

Mar-Com helped The Shaw Trust develop a focused communications strategy for their wide range of stakeholders

"I always get such great support from Marcom. Their standards of creativity and quality of work are fantastic!"

Jo Wotton, Marketing Manager, Shaw Trust (2012)


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Part of the giant US based L-3 Communications group, L-3 TRL provide solutions for the defence and counter-terror markets.

They are a leading supplier of high technology products in this area, using cutting edge technology for mission-critical situations.

When we started working for them in 2007, they had recently been taken over by L-3, and needed to reposition themselves.

So we worked with them on their strategy, positioning and messages, redesigning their website and brochures, their advertising and other comms materials, such as CD ROMS and emails. We also rolled it out to their exhibitions and events, and used it for the basis of a number of sub-brands.

L-3 Communications web design by Mar-Com, Bath

Part of the giant US based L-3 Communications group, L-3 TRL provide solutions for the defence and counter-terror markets.