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The Milexia Group is one of the leading European suppliers and value-added distributor of high-tech electronic components, systems and scientific instruments.

Headquartered in France, it has offices and warehouses in France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany, and technical centres in France and in the UK, which offer customised solutions, installation, training and maintenance for the defence, space, transportation, satcom, scientific instrumentation and other civil industries.

We consulted on and helped formulate their marketing and communications strategy. As a major part of this we redesigned their brand and website, building it in five different languages. It’s a comprehensive global website covering many different services, products and industries from multiple manufacturing Partners, with whom all countries have different relationships. The scale of the project and scope of the website presented us with the challenge of optimising it for search engine performance whilst also ensuring a good UX and persuasive content for visiting customers and Partners.

We continue to work with Milexia on their inbound marketing campaign and many aspects of their marketing communications.

Milexia logo
Milexia brochure

"The Marcom team demonstrated a high level of understanding of our needs and created a practical and effective strategy and website. They provide campaign implementation and guidance, working collaboratively with the Milexia team to communicate our competitive advantage to a global audience across all channels."

Virginie Laurent, Sales & Marketing Director, Milexia Group


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Compotex is a well-established specialist manufacturing business in the rubber and heat protection industries. Their website was needing a refresh.

They wanted to bring together their .com and .de websites into one, and take the opportunity to improve content, branding, and the number of technical enquiries received.

We looked closely at their visitor statistics and keywords, their positioning and messages as well as their competitors and the market. As a result we modernised their branding and redesigned their website around a core of business and process competencies; these were designed to reassure engineers and other prospective customers of their ability to deliver at the required quality and value.

Compotex logo

The product pages were all treated as landing pages, so visitors from Google would find everything they needed on the page in order to convert their visit into an enquiry. We created a simple and benefit led UX, with case studies and frequent calls to action. We ensured that the wording and other content was optimised for the search terms that we had identified.

We created translated versions of the homepage dynamically served when a user’s IP address is identified from a targeted European country. Users from all other countries are redirected to the English homepage, all on a .com platform.

Within several weeks of launching, the new website was already showing an uplift in the number of serious enquiries, a trend that we expect to accelerate as it works its way up the Google search results pages.

In the first 50 days post launch, we saw an increase of 164% of organic Google clicks and an increase in impressions of 283% compared to the previous period.

Compotex - Innovative
Compotex website on mobile
Compotex – Versatile

"The Marcom Team made the effort to understand the complexities of our industry and use that knowledge to develop a marketing strategy and new website that is really working hard for us – both on Google and in converting visitors to customers. The new look is exciting and dynamic and positions us as one of the go-to companies in our industry. I’m delighted with what Marcom has achieved – we have never before received so many serious enquiries from potential customers within the UK and the EU!"

William Hobhouse, CEO, Compotex Limited and Compotex GmbH


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Novia Financial asked us to help them with their Social Media. They provide Financial Advisers with a comprehensive ‘wrap’ service – everything they need to manage investors’ portfolios – so their target market is wide, including Advisers and their clients, as well as many other stakeholders.

We developed a new Social Media strategy for them based on ‘Thought Leadership’, and implemented it through a new organisation, Novia IQ, designing and building a website

We support them with the ongoing development of this. The whole campaign has been hugely successful in every way: SEO, engaging with stakeholders, building the brand and driving sales.

It has helped position them strongly for the post-Coronavirus market – in fact we have run workshops for them, for their sales employees and Adviser-clients, on how to get the best out of, and do business through, LinkedIn and other Social Media.

"Marcom’s skills at marketing are superb, and their resources are comprehensive and completely professional. They provided us with the strategic planning and implementation required to create a strong and growing presence on social media, without ever losing site of the commercial and wider needs of the business."

Bill Vasilieff, CEO, Novia Financial PLC

Integrated Print Solutions

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Getting to the top of google is the single most important task of marketers in this industry!

Integrated Print Solutions are a leading UK manufacturer of direct mail, integrated labels and cards, NCR sets, pads and books as well as cheques and business forms.

They enjoy strong and long term customer relationships, but nevertheless, coming top of google on a wide range of phrases is vital if they are to continue being the first call for any hard-pressed print buyer.

So we designed their brand and website, setting them up with a platform which they could develop themselves over time, to ensure their Search Engine Marketing produced the results they needed.

This is an ongoing task, requiring constant input and development, so they have trained themselves up and are now expert at the requirements of Search, and are able to respond in real time as the market, and google, changes.

"They set us up, helped and advised us through the process, and used their in-depth understanding of Search and all aspects of digital marketing to make a real difference to how we achieved the great results we have experienced – and continue to see!"

Iain Cox, Managing Director, Integrated Print Solutions

Nicholas Pearson Associates

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‘NPA are an independent, award-winning, multidisciplinary consultancy with complementary expertise in Environmental Assessment, Landscape Architecture, Ecology and Visualisation.’

It was important that all employees were involved, because the website reflects their vision and values, and so many of them are involved in the new business process.


  1. Mission, Vision and Values analysis
  2. Search Term analysis
  3. Website scoping
  4. Design, build and launch
  5. Ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

1. Mission, Vision and Values: we ran workshops with all the employees to establish their MVV and to ensure that the new website would be aligned with these. We felt this was an important part of the process, because they are highly qualified specialists who ought to be consulted, to have their say in the messages and what it says about them. This way what they communicate to clients (current and prospective) would be congruent with what we produced, and they would have a deeper understanding of, and respect for, the company with whom they have chosen to make their career.

2. Search Term Analysis: we spent time considering these, both from NPA’s perspective and from their clients and prospects, arriving at an understanding of how the website should be structured to meet the wide range of Searches and visitor requirements.

3. Website scoping: we spent time discussing the website, considering the User Experience (UX) and Journey, in order to arrive at a comprehensive site which was optimised to meet everyone’s requirements.

4. Design, build and launch: the website design was carefully created and tested to give visitors the best experience of NPA’s areas of expertise and business. It was built on WordPress using code that google would find easy to search and rank on the Results pages – a key part of SEO. The copy was written by the client following our guidelines and direction, and they supplied the photography too.

5. SEO: we drew up a campaign plan targeted at key Search Terms. To manage this we set up a programme of SEO activities which NPA create and implement themselves, under our guidance and direction.

The new NPA website was launched in March and, although it is too early at the time of writing to compare visitor statistics against those of the previous site, it looks as if it will perform well in Search and has delighted everyone involved.

Marcom designed website for Nicholas Pearson Associates website viewed on laptop

"Marcom understood our requirement to create an up-to-date proactive marketing tool, as well as the importance of ensuring all employees were on board with the new strategy and website. They worked closely with us throughout the process and I’m delighted with our new website. I look forward to developing the SEO of the site with Marcom and increasing our enquiries and conversions."

Simon Kale, Managing Director


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Sematron are the UKs leading supplier of ground station equipment for satellite communications, as well as a wide range of RF and microwave components, timing, test and measurement equipment and content delivery technologies.

Their markets include broadcasting, defence, oil and gas, seismic and telecoms, as well as general technology enterprises.

We worked with them on their branding and messages, designing their logo and website. We ensured that the benefits of dealing with Sematron, both as a customer and partner, are clearly communicated. We also needed to balance the requirements of being a supplier of components with their ability to offer support and complete solutions to customers.

Sematron logo and website design by bath-based design and marketing agency Mar-Com

"The new website is superb, and we are already seeing huge benefits from it. Marcom were highly creative and completely competent, supporting us all the way. We couldn’t have asked for more"

Glenn Toal, Marketing Manager, Sematron