‘Robust’ social media strategies

Jun 16, 2013 by Mark Baines Category: Social Media 0 comments

It’s a fact that your social media strategy either works, or it doesn’t. There can be no in-between – no occasional successes, half-tweets or unread blogs.

Either people read what you write or they don’t. Period. End of story.

So I was surprised to read a job advertisement for an Account Director for a competing digital marketing agency that asked candidates to be able to demonstrate a ‘robust’ personal social media strategy.

What do they mean? Robust means ‘healthy’, ‘vigorous’, ‘hearty’, ‘full-bodied’, ‘strong’ and so on – not the sort of words you would associate with social networking.

I have a vision of an unfortunate candidate punching the air, with tweets and blog-posts that he/she thinks his prospective employers would like to hear, while missing the whole point of social media. ‘Social turn-off’ I’d say, unless you happen to have some very odd friends.

It’s time social media was ‘outed’ for what it is: an informal way for people to share thoughts and comments on issues of interest.

You may have 1000 followers on twitter, but if they never read your tweets – because they’re so boring or irrelevant – you might as well have none. Why blog if you’ve got nothing interesting to say? You won’t have many readers and you probably don’t have many friends either!

Unfortunately, talk of ‘robust’ social media strategies is the type of rhetoric used by certain agencies to win over gullible clients – those who don’t use or understand it and are desperate to put a tick in the box alongside ‘social media’.

It’s bad for us agencies who do a proper job, and bad for the image of agencies as a whole.

So let’s hear a different cry from the people who ought to know better: less ‘robust’ and more ‘effective’ please, Mr Marketer!

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