Why social media is important in the professional services sector.

13 Jul, 2018
By Mark Baines


How often do you hear this from your senior partners...

Twitter? Don’t get it.

YouTube? If I see a film of another dancing cat…!

Instagram? It’s for kids, isn’t it?

Reddit? What’s that?

Linked in? Well, okay, but…

They don’t use them themselves, and they can’t see why any self-respecting client should use them either.

But they do – every day – young and old, senior and junior!

These (and other) forms of social media are a vital tool when you sell services which are only infrequent purchases.

Because if your service is project based, who’s to say your client won’t forget you when the next project comes round, 2 years later?

They used to say ‘loyalty is only skin deep’, or ‘you’re only as good as your last job’, but it’s not even that, now. These days everyone googles everything, and people move jobs regularly, so each time the next project comes around from the same organisation or individual, you have to start all over again, as if it were the first time.

However social media allows you to get round this, by maintaining a regular contact with all your clients and prospects. So when that next project comes up, 2 years later, you’re still on their radar, and hopefully the one they turn to for the service.

So get going on LinkedIn! Tweet if you have enough to say! Start loading photos to Instagram and facebook. It’ll save you a fortune in media fees, and will probably pay huge dividends in terms of new business, and clients retained.

And what’s more, they’re all free!


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