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We do marketing

Your marketing takes many forms; you want the most skilled and experienced people to work on it, so you get effective assets and high response rates from your campaigns.

We can help you because we have specialists in every area of marketing. They all have deep knowledge, based on advanced skills and years of experience.

We ensure that your marketing communications are true to your strategy, that we are responsive to your every need and that you get the most up-to-date advice and support. That way you get truly effective marketing communications and great value.


We produce effective websites

We’re digital specialists. Our websites are designed to persuade, engage and convert. Our understanding of SEO and marketing means you get more visits from the right people.

You’ll get more than just a website from us: we’ll make it central to your whole digital marketing strategy. We will use it to accelerate your growth, using social media, emails, content and dynamic landing pages to get the best results from your inbound marketing campaign.


Getting your message across

You can trust us to take care of all your print and display requirements. We understand how people read and respond to printed literature and exhibition displays. We know how to get them to notice and ‘get’ your marketing messages and respond.

Many years of experience means we have the skills to design it, then prepare your artwork and get the best value from printers and exhibition contractors.


Positioning and messages

We understand the importance of a clear strategy: everything we do is based on this. We’ll help you refine and develop yours, promoting your competitive advantage, reflecting your position in the marketplace and crafting your brand and messages to win in your market and with all your stakeholders.

That way your purpose and values will be clearly defined, while your positioning and messages will be market driven.

British Chamber of Commerce website design – Marcom, Bath
CIWM e-learning hub – Marcom, Bath