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Effective B2B digital marketing is about skilled performance. The stats don’t lie. If a campaign fails, you can’t justify the cost by saying it was ‘good for the brand’.

Successful performance requires a number of factors to come together, each being deep specialisms in their own right.

These are the four key ingredients of our performance:

1. Objectives and strategy
2. Website design
3. SEO
4. Social Media

We have skilled and experienced specialists in the different elements of B2B digital marketing, so your inbound marketing campaign will be handled by experts who understand how B2B markets work and will do a great job for you. At our B2B digital marketing agency in Bath we work in local, national and international markets. We are strategically led and constantly thinking of ways to make your marketing more effective

Objectives and strategy

Objectives and strategy

If you don’t know where you are going, how are you going to get there?

By clarifying and fixing your objectives, we can then produce a strategy to get you there. This will include your…

…differentiation: why should people buy from you instead of your competitor

…branding: what is your ‘promise’ to the market

…positioning: how do you want people to see you

…messages: what do you want to say

…and keywords: what market needs do you fulfill

Our strategists are skilled and experienced at understanding your offering and relationship with your markets. They will create winning strategies to promote your brand, drive sales, build growth and generate engagement.

Website design

Either creating a new or replacement website

Your strategy will direct the look and feel of the website, which should always be contemporary, dynamic and exciting. But it serves different purposes for different people, and they all need to find what they are looking for.

Therefore recognising and understanding what they are searching for is the first step in any design process (aka search term analysis); closely followed by the ability to serve them with what they are seeking (aka UX). That way the design will ensure that searchers quickly get what they want from you.

Our designers and content creators are all skilled and experienced in harnessing the power of design and content to fulfil your UX. They are specialists in producing effective websites that build on your strategy and achieve your objectives.

Or making existing websites work harder

Search term analysis is vital to determine who’s visiting your website and why. It’s important to study the user journey to understand their motives and triggers. We are led by the stats but we do not lose sight of the bigger picture. That way you’ll normally find there are many things you can do to amend the content and navigation to make the UX more positive and effective.

There are also a range of structural improvements you can implement: adding more landing pages, calls to action, data input boxes, pop-ups, chat boxes, customer testimonials, case studies, blog/article pages etc.

Our designers and writers are specialists in producing effective and responsive websites. They fully understand the amendments to the design, content and UX required to make your website work harder for you.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Almost every visitor comes via Google, so getting to the top of the results pages is critical. This is just as true in B2B as consumer marketing. Google’s ‘Page Experience’ criteria require a specific approach to website design, where UX takes centre stage: Google now looks at your website from the visitors’ angle, so speed, mobile-friendliness, security and good user-targeted content are much more important than before.

The most effective and simplest way to respond is to design each page as if it were a landing page, or add new landing pages onto existing sites.

Our in-depth knowledge of SEO is critical in this process, where data analysis is vital and continuous improvement is the norm, based on frequent reporting of a wide range of metrics.

Our specialists at our B2B marketing agency in Bath and around Europe have the ability to turn this understanding into clear action plans which we can implement to help you climb up the Google results pages.

Social Media

Social Media Specialists, Bath

Posting and engagement on social media enables you to develop relationships and stay front of mind, so you can build your brand and maintain a ‘warm’ group of sales leads and other stakeholders. Paid promotions enable you to grow this group exponentially. Posting comments and articles feeds interested readers to your website landing pages, thus helping your SEO.

Everybody uses social media: the challenge is to have a clear strategy and set of objectives which can guide and turn a random activity into an organised comms channel.

Our social media specialists in Bath and around the UK and Europe are skilled and experienced in creating winning strategies and implementing tactical campaigns to generate followers and engagement, and to drive traffic to your website.

Digital Marketing Performance Statistics

We are strategy led, marketing project specialists; and we stand by the results of all our effective work for clients:



# Campaigns [24mths]


Website Design

Av Site User gains per month [24mths]



Av SERP Impression gains per month [24mths]



Follower gains [12mths]


Marcom’s skills at marketing are superb, and their resources are comprehensive and completely professional. They provided us with the strategic planning and implementation required to create a strong and growing presence on social media, without ever losing sight of the commercial and wider needs of the business.

Bill Vasilieff
CEO, Novia Financial PLC

They set us up, helped and advised us through the process, and used their in-depth understanding of Search and all aspects of digital marketing to make a real difference to how we achieved the great results we have experienced – and continue to see!

Iain Cox
MD, Multisets

Marcom understood our requirement to create an up-to-date proactive marketing tool, as well as the importance of ensuring all employees were on board with the new strategy and website.

Simon Kale
MD, Nicholas Pearson Associates

The Marcom team dedicated time, attention and creativity to understanding our complex needs – and the results speak for themselves. We’re very pleased with the look, feel and functionality of our new site.

Dr Adam Marshall
Director General, the British Chambers of Commerce

Marcom were brilliant! They made social media a strategic reality for us…we could not have done it without them!

Pippa Russell
Head of Corporate Communications, Novia Financial

We’re delighted with the results, which have moved us into the premier league of consultants in our field. Mark and his team at Marcom were proactive and enthusiastic. They understood our issues and steered us to our new positioning with great skill. Their experience and deep specialisms in creating websites, marketing materials and SEO campaigns has resulted in a vibrant A2D business culture and strong growth.
Alun Parry
CEO, A2D Solutions

Digital Marketing Case Studies

We’ve been harnessing the power of digital marketing to build brands and drive sales for many organisations. Here are some of them:

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