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Novia Financial asked us to help them with their Social Media. They provide Financial Advisers with a comprehensive ‘wrap’ service – everything they need to manage investors’ portfolios – so their target market is wide, including Advisers and their clients, as well as many other stakeholders.

We developed a new Social Media strategy for them based on ‘Thought Leadership’, and implemented it through a new organisation, Novia IQ, designing and building a website

We support them with the ongoing development of this. The whole campaign has been hugely successful in every way: SEO, engaging with stakeholders, building the brand and driving sales.

It has helped position them strongly for the post-Coronavirus market – in fact we have run workshops for them, for their sales employees and Adviser-clients, on how to get the best out of, and do business through, LinkedIn and other Social Media.

"Marcom’s skills at marketing are superb, and their resources are comprehensive and completely professional. They provided us with the strategic planning and implementation required to create a strong and growing presence on social media, without ever losing site of the commercial and wider needs of the business."

Bill Vasilieff, CEO, Novia Financial PLC


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Geoquip is a leading geotechnical and geophysical data acquisition company. Its focus was on the oil and gas industry, but they needed to move into civil engineering, renewables and other industries.

They are a challenger brand: their industry is dominated by one big company, which makes it difficult to compete on the basis of resources alone. So we built a campaign on two areas that they could claim as their own unique strengths, leading to one strong benefit: world leading technology and outstanding customer service, which leads to the supply of ‘data you can rely on’.

This was communicated under the headline ‘We deliver’ – a claim in direct competition with the market leader.

We used it online and off: on the website and in all aspects of digital marketing, as well as in brochures, exhibition stands and PR - all utilising the same strategy to communicate Geoquip’s strengths and competitive differentiation.

"Marcom were responsive, creative and able to communicate the messages in a way that firmly positions us as a serious challenger to the market domination of our main competitor"

Jonathan Spivey, Commercial Director, Geoquip Marine


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Our clients Nanopharm planned to run a Conference in San Francisco for their industry but lacked the resources to put it together. They had a booking at a suitable venue, and asked us to manage all aspects of the invitations, publicity and presentation.

We therefore came up with a logo and a style for the Conference which ran as a theme throughout the event.

We created a website which we wrote, designed and optimised for key Search terms, then supported through an email campaign and online advertising to target groups using social media.

We also helped liaise with the speakers and produced the event programme, along with the badges, lanyards and display graphics, and supported Nanopharm team members in their work to ensure everything was prepared and ready for them.

The Conference was a huge success and exceeded Nanopharm’s expectations, and is now a regular event in their calendar.

"I want to congratulate you on helping us put together a wonderful package and marketing piece for InspireMe. It has been executed brilliantly and I am grateful for your support. You collaborated excellently with my own team to help bring this together."

Dr Jag Shur, CEO, Nanopharm Ltd

Media Trust

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The Media Trust works in the third sector. They believe in the power of media to change lives, so they work with the media industry to empower charities and communities to have a voice and be heard.

Practically this means they broadcast a TV channel, run media training courses, make available a film production unit and disseminate press releases on behalf of communities and charities. They also run a host of other initiatives, providing professional media support and resources where needed.

We’ve worked for them since 2008, establishing and developing their brand through integrated design, imagery and copy, on and offline for a huge number of publications and brochures, catering for a wide range of stakeholders.

Mar-Com have worked with developing their brand through integrated design, imagery and copy on publications and brochures

"We launched the NPC Digital Skills Report this week. It is looking fabulous and getting a lot of interest. Our CEO, Su-Mei Thompson, included it in her blog this week too. A huge thanks for producing such a fantastic design – we love working with you and the team!"

Jenny Walton, Director of Charity Services, Media Trust

Siemens Rail Automation

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Siemens is one of the largest engineering companies in the world. Employing nearly 500,000 people, there are not many engineering and technologies in which Siemens does not have an interest.

Marcom have undertaken a wide range of design projects for them, following their complex corporate guidelines. These include internal and corporate work, for H&S, HR, Recruitment and Training, and our work has included digital, print and construction elements.

For marketing communications we have produced many advertising campaigns and reports, for both online and offline use. and frequently advised on strategy.

Siemens digital, print and construction elements, advertising campaigns and reports

"Marcom are able to support me with a wide range of services, turning work round reliably and fast."

Susannah Minshall, HR Business Partner – Delivery and Technology, Siemens SRA


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The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services is now a well established body with a thriving membership and a powerful reputation in the industry.

Marcom have worked with them since 2003, during which time we have developed their brand and supplied them with a huge range of different stakeholder communications materials, online and off. Our work for them has provided them with a brand that is professional, engaging, creative and sophisticated, which members identify with and are proud of. Our main work for them is their regular and most popular online publication 'Phoenix'.

Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services

"They consistently wow me!"

Chris Jackson, Communications and Marketing Manager, AGCAS