Media Trust

Oct 15, 2018 Category: marketing, print & display

The Media Trust works in the third sector. They believe in the power of media to change lives, so they work with the media industry to empower charities and communities to have a voice and be heard.

Practically this means they broadcast a TV channel, run media training courses, make available a film production unit and disseminate press releases on behalf of communities and charities. They also run a host of other initiatives, providing professional media support and resources where needed.

We’ve worked for them since 2008, establishing and developing their brand through integrated design, imagery and copy, on and offline for a huge number of publications and brochures, catering for a wide range of stakeholders.

Mar-Com have worked with developing their brand through integrated design, imagery and copy on publications and brochures

“e received the Annual Reviews this morning. They look stunning: well done to everyone involved. Thank you both so much for pulling out the stops to get it done. I hope you’ll want to use it as an example of your work.”

Gavin Sheppard, Director of Marketing and Communications Services, Media Trust (January 2010)