Oct 10, 2020 Category: digital & online, marketing

What’s in a name? A lot, if you’re trying to get your market to understand your product and buy its benefits!

Jisc are a not-for-profit organisation working in the UK education sector, providing digital services and solutions for universities and colleges.

They run a range of projects around different aspects of IT and digital infrastructure requirements, as a result of which they launch a large number of products and services into the marketplace.

These projects and their many resulting products/services all need names – names which help the market’s understanding of what they do and their benefits.

We were asked to rename their existing large portfolio and supply a selection of names for future use. However, rather than just producing a random list of names and then applying them, we came up with a model which enables Jisc stakeholders to run their own workshops, choosing their own names along pre-agreed guidelines and fulfilling marketing criteria.

All Jisc projects now kick off with a naming workshop, using the model. All new Jisc products and services are similarly named. This results in stronger individual brands and a much enhanced Jisc brand in their marketplace.

Jisc web design by Marcom, Bath

“Marcom created two naming models for our products and services which ensure that everyone is heard – so there is complete stakeholder buy-in. This enables us to market them as brands to our target markets, with great effect.”

Damian Vicary, Marketing Production Manager, Jisc