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Responding to lockdown shifts in digital behaviour

Jul 27, 2020 by Mark Baines Category: Digital, Marketing 0 comments

I was treated recently to a fascinating webinar by Gareth Morgan about the changing habits in digital behaviour brought about by lockdown.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your social media marketing

Take a hard look in the mirror… ‘Evaluation’ is the third part of the cycle of best practice in your social media strategy – the other two being to plan your strategy and then to implement it.  

How to implement your content strategy in social media

Making social media happen for your business

How to plan your social content strategy

Plan – implement – evaluate … fine-tune  >  Plan – implement – evaluate … fine-tune  >  Plan – implement – evaluate … &c 

The value and implementation of strategy in social media

How ‘strategic’ is your ‘social’? Following the success of our recent ‘SEO’ webinar series, we begin here our new free webinar series about the value and implementation of strategy in social media.

How increasing Speed and Performance improves your SEO

SEO your site using Speed and Performance The technical performance of your website is of vital importance to your ranking on Google’s results pages.  If your page load speed is slow you risk slipping down the results pages, as this is one of Google’s direct ranking factors.