Harnessing the Benefits of AI in Digital Marketing for Enhanced Online Success

Aug 04, 2023 by Mark Baines Category: AI, Knowhow, Marketing

Ever wished that you could gain real-time insight into your customers and their behaviour, effortlessly improve customer service, content personalisation and marketing campaigns and automate your digital marketing? Artificial Intelligence, or AI, could be exactly what you are looking for. 

Digital marketing professionals and businesses are now using AI-powered technologies for everything from customer research to social media scheduling to gain a competitive edge in the online space and expand their online presence and you can too. 

In this article, we’ll explain more about the benefits of using AI technology and how it can be transformative for businesses like yours.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the use of a computer, robot or algorithm to complete tasks usually done by humans.

By using vast amounts of real-time data, they can stimulate human intelligence and boast human-like thinking skills. This includes learning from experience, reasoning, making decisions, solving problems, and uncovering meaning.

Their ability to learn as they go means they can be used for a wide variety of applications, carrying out repetitive tasks, freeing up human resources, saving time and money and creating a streamlined experience, whatever their task may be, including digital marketing.

What are the benefits of using AI in your digital marketing strategy?

AI technologies can be used throughout your digital marketing strategies to better understand and target your audience, create more engaging content, improve customer experience, and deliver better return on investment (ROI) for your digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

Because they are so effective and efficient, they could help you unlock greater business success and free up your team members so they can invest their energies elsewhere.

Not convinced? Here are six key benefits that AI can bring to your online marketing efforts.

1. You’ll better personalise and optimise your content creation

When creating content for your marketing campaigns, you need to target the right customers with the right message at the right time.

The only way you can do this is by understanding your target audience, identifying exactly what problems they face and how your product or service can help. When you have this information, you can create high-quality, engaging content to generate more leads and convert them into money in the bank.

Traditionally, this means checking your metrics, conducting market research, asking for feedback, and creating buyer personas based on socioeconomic information like age, income, education level and cultural or social background. 

However, when you use modern AI-powered tools, you can gain greater insights at speed. This allows you to create highly personalised content that will engage your target customers, boost brand awareness, foster brand loyalty and encourage them to hit that buy button.

Whether you want to optimise your buyer persona creation, create personalised, relevant messages, offer product recommendations, or offer your customers more value, AI-powered tools can help. The more you can personalise your digital marketing campaigns, the more your brand will resonate with its audience and drive more sales and conversions.

2. You’ll get real-time insights to customer behaviour

Checking your metrics like Google Analytics is key if you want to drive the online success of your business.

You likely check how many visitors you’ve received, your bounce rate, time on page, purchasing behaviour, likes, follows and DMs because you know how valuable this insight can be. With this information, you can better understand what resonates with your audience and triggers their buying decision.

 AI-powered tools take this to the next level. You don’t need to spend time trying to make sense of data and graphs and can instead leave it to technology. With the right prompts, you can gain greater insight into your target customer, analyse your competition and the market as a whole and identify trends, then use it to tweak and optimise your digital marketing strategy and campaigns.

3. You’ll boost customer experience

With AI-powered technologies, you can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty and reap the benefits of the positive reviews, likes, shares and word-of-mouth recommendations you receive as a result.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to adopt the use of chatbots across your marketing channels. They use natural language processing to answer your customers questions, provide product recommendations and troubleshoot problems so your customers feel like they matter and can continue their purchase stress-free.

If your chatbot can’t provide a solution, they can refer your customer to your customer service team for personalised help.

Easily integrated into websites, social media channels and messaging platforms, chatbots also help you reduce your spending on customer service staff while elevating your business operations. 

Chat GPT with Digital Marketing

4. You’ll effortlessly automate your marketing campaigns

AI allows you to both personalise and automate your marketing campaigns, whether this is search engine marketing, social media marketing, SEO or even keyword research. 

Whether you want to identify market segments, target specific groups, bid on ad inventories, optimise bids based on historic behaviour or even create the advert or marketing content itself, AI-powered tools will save you time, money and deliver ever better results. 

5. You’ll reduce cart abandonment rates

You’ve targeted your customers effectively, they’ve engaged with your content, done their research, compared your prices with your competitors and they’re ready to buy.

They add their favourite items to their cart and it looks like you’ve landed another sale. Then something changes. They click away from your website, abandon their cart, and perhaps choose to buy from your competitor instead, affecting your revenue and your brand image. 

Although this can be frustrating and confusing, it’s relatively common- cart abandonment rates stand at around 70%.

But with the power of AI, you can gain valuable insight into why this is happening and understand if it’s your page load speed, privacy or security concerns, a lack of payment methods, a complicated checkout or something else. Then you can troubleshoot any issues, optimise your online presence, and encourage your customers to complete the purchasing process. 

6. You’ll stay ahead of the competition

Every business wants to identify potential future trends so that it can adjust its marketing strategy, tailor its products or services and stand out in the highly competitive online marketing space.

By using AI tools, you can enhance your efforts, using real life data gathering and analysis to better inform your digital marketing, optimise your revenue and grow your brand, regardless of market challenges.

Summary: AI can enhance your digital marketing efforts

Any business that wants to improve customer experience, increase leads, and generate more revenue should consider using AI-powered tools. Offering greater insight, personalisation opportunities and automation, it can help you streamline your business while gaining even better results.

If you enjoyed learning how AI can enhance your digital marketing efforts, be sure to check out our next article where we dive deeper into the transformative power of AI for marketing success. Don’t miss these additional insights! You can also tune into our marketing podcast where our experts discuss leveraging AI to amplify your B2B marketing.

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