The benefit of a ‘Standing Arrangement’ in marketing

Jan 30, 2018 by Mark Baines Category: Marketing 0 comments

You know how it is: you run a profitable business, but you suspect it’s only because you’re really good at your job. Marketing is your responsibility, but your skills are based on instinct and experience rather than training, so you can never be sure that you’re doing the right thing.

You may even have a comms team – maybe a recent graduate ‘doing’ social media and web content, a web developer and/or graphic designer.

So how do you know that you’re marketing your company the best you possibly can? That your positioning and messaging is perfectly attuned to your market, and your comms are performing the best for you? How is your brand performing in the marketplace?

The easiest and most effective way to manage your marketing is to have a professional on hand, who knows your business issues and your marketing – who may have even helped you formulate your strategy.

That way you can call on them anytime, to discuss an issue or an initiative, a challenge or an idea. They will understand what you are talking about, and be able to steer you down the most effective route.

In fact, because they understand your marketing intimately, they will be able to add value at every stage.

We have a number of ‘Standing Arrangements’ with companies who find great value in our services. I get together with them regularly, and work through what they’ve been up to, how they could do it better and what they should do next. We look at the market and what their competitors are up to, and we reality check their own activities.

As a Chartered Marketer with huge experience, and colleagues similarly qualified, they know that with us they are getting the best advice, insight and creativity available. And because I have designers, copywriters, developers, digital specialists, PR, printers and exhibition companies at my disposal they know that the plans can easily be turned into actions.

It’s a low cost way of having continuing marketing advice and support, and an easy way of ensuring you’re marketing the best you possibly can.

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