Oct 16, 2023 Category: digital & online, marketing, strategy

The Milexia Group is one of the leading European suppliers and value-added distributor of high-tech electronic components, systems and scientific instruments.

Headquartered in France, it has offices and warehouses in France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany, and technical centres in France and in the UK, which offer customised solutions, installation, training and maintenance for the defence, space, transportation, satcom, scientific instrumentation and other civil industries.

We consulted on and helped formulate their marketing and communications strategy. As a major part of this we redesigned their brand and website, building it in five different languages. It’s a comprehensive global website covering many different services, products and industries from multiple manufacturing Partners, with whom all countries have different relationships. The scale of the project and scope of the website presented us with the challenge of optimising it for search engine performance whilst also ensuring a good UX and persuasive content for visiting customers and Partners.

We continue to work with Milexia on their inbound marketing campaign and many aspects of their marketing communications.

Milexia logo
Milexia brochure

“The Marcom team demonstrated a high level of understanding of our needs and created a practical and effective strategy and website. They provide campaign implementation and guidance, working collaboratively with the Milexia team to communicate our competitive advantage to a global audience across all channels.”

Virginie Laurent, Sales & Marketing Director, Milexia Group