Nov 06, 2020 Category: digital & online, strategy

Compotex is a well-established specialist manufacturing business in the rubber and heat protection industries. Their website was needing a refresh.

They wanted to bring together their .com and .de websites into one, and take the opportunity to improve content, branding, and the number of technical enquiries received.

We looked closely at their visitor statistics and keywords, their positioning and messages as well as their competitors and the market. As a result we modernised their branding and redesigned their website around a core of business and process competencies; these were designed to reassure engineers and other prospective customers of their ability to deliver at the required quality and value.

Compotex logo

The product pages were all treated as landing pages, so visitors from Google would find everything they needed on the page in order to convert their visit into an enquiry. We created a simple and benefit led UX, with case studies and frequent calls to action. We ensured that the wording and other content was optimised for the search terms that we had identified.

We created translated versions of the homepage dynamically served when a user’s IP address is identified from a targeted European country. Users from all other countries are redirected to the English homepage, all on a .com platform.

Within several weeks of launching, the new website was already showing an uplift in the number of serious enquiries, a trend that we expect to accelerate as it works its way up the Google search results pages.

In the first 50 days post launch, we saw an increase of 164% of organic Google clicks and an increase in impressions of 283% compared to the previous period.

Compotex - Innovative
Compotex website on mobile
Compotex – Versatile

“The Marcom Team made the effort to understand the complexities of our industry and use that knowledge to develop a marketing strategy and new website that is really working hard for us – both on Google and in converting visitors to customers. The new look is exciting and dynamic and positions us as one of the go-to companies in our industry. I’m delighted with what Marcom has achieved – we have never before received so many serious enquiries from potential customers within the UK and the EU!”

William Hobhouse, CEO, Compotex Limited and Compotex GmbH