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The new Google Analytics 4 upgrade and getting the best out of your data strategy

May 31, 2022 by Mark Baines Category: Business, Marketing, SEO 0 comments

Gain insight into the new Google Analytics 4 upgrade from an expert in marketing so that you can best respond to the change commencing on 1st July, 2023, where Google drops its current ‘Universal’ Analytics.

Content Marketing: mistakes to avoid and tips to take away

Pitfalls in content marketing can be a costly mistake, so its vital to keep aware. We'd like to share our key insights and tips with you to make sure you don't plummet into any costly holes.

Content Marketing Trends in 2022

Mar 21, 2022 by Mark Baines Category: Marketing, SEO 0 comments

Content Marketing is THE big noise for 2022 - it's where we'll be putting most of our energies in the year ahead. So we've been taking a look at the trends and on what we should be focusing, and please read it here

Why SEO is important for business and how to budget for it

Nov 24, 2020 by Mark Baines Category: Business, SEO 0 comments

SEO is vital, and the importance of SEO for business has never been more important than in this pandemic economy.

How increasing Speed and Performance improves your SEO

SEO your site using Speed and Performance The technical performance of your website is of vital importance to your ranking on Google’s results pages.  If your page load speed is slow you risk slipping down the results pages, as this is one of Google’s direct ranking factors. 

Make Keywords the most effective marketing tool that you have

Working with keywords (and phrases) is vital if you are to be successful at SEO. Keywords are like a fisherman’s hook: you cast them out into the river, hook the visitors and reel them in.