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Winning at marketing in the Corona Crisis

Marketing to home-workers in lock-down requires a different approach to normal.

Many prospective clients will have more time to scour the internet, looking for the best deal, or the brand that is most likely to fulfil their requirements.

In their isolation, they will spend more time on social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. They will have time to read your blogs and articles, to study your offering, away from the comments and guidance of colleagues. But don’t forget that they’ll be doing the same with your competitors.

This calls for a change in tactics. ‘Inbound marketing’ is now the norm: prospective clients are finding out for themselves, so the marketer’s job is to scoop them up. This involves ensuring that people working online can easily find and engage with you; that you capitalise on the time they spend on social media to reach them with relevant content; that what you offer online is perfectly attuned to their requirements.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is now the most important thing you can do. Prospective clients are out there, with time to search for what they need, rather than just following the same routine as usual. It includes optimising your website design and build, the use of landing pages, content marketing and getting back-links from respected sources.

Social Media

Active posting on social media is vital. People have time, they are isolated, they feel the need for contact, so social media fills that gap in people’s lives. Never before has it been used by so many, so much. This is your chance to engage with clients and prospects.


Advertising on social media is more important than ever before. It’s the way to reach an enlarged audience, without waiting for it to happen organically. You can do sponsored links or PPC. Do it now or regret it!

The change in working practices has profound implications for how you communicate with the market. Adapt and prosper, or see your competitors steal your clients!


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Please find below a recording of our recent webinar - Winning at marketing in the Corona Crisis; and also the PDF version of our presentation, available for you to download.

Resource available for download:

Winning at marketing in the Corona Crisis

Webinar by Marcom: 2nd April 2020

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